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Joanne Richardson (USA)
Joanne Richardson was born in 1968 in Bucharest, Romania, and is a US citizen since 1983. She has an MA in political philosophy from New York University, and is currently writing a Ph.D. thesis in the Literature Program at Duke University on the intersections between avant-garde art, bureaucratic organizations, and totalitarian discourse. She works as a freelance art critic, film historian, and media theorist, and has curated experimental film and video programs in the US, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia, and most recently for the Oberhausen Festival in Germany. Previous lectures and publications include: "Forget the Situationists," "Happenings in Context," "The Myths of May '68 and the Aporias of the French New Left," "Detourned Cinema: An International Retrospective," "Performing Romania," "Est-ethics of Counter-Documentary After 1989," "The Politics of the Ready-Made Image," and "NSK 2000: An Interview with Miran Mohar, Borut Vogelnik, and Eda Cufer." 
Within the symposium she is the curator of video program "Est-ethics of Counter-Documentary After 1989"

"But is it Art? From Sabotage Aesthetics to Hacktivism"

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