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Juanito killed the inflatable man,
Internet is not a new solution to old problems.

Technology in the background not in the foreground.
I have been involved in developing several projects that orbit around technology since 1987. When I talk of technology in the background not in the foreground, what I mean is that the grammar of the solution has been altered, we are taking the effect as a cause and the cause as an effect. It is a problem of grammar, if the problem is not defined with the proper grammatical order can not be understood. Technology starts with the pencil.

Computers do not think
Concepts: High Technology and Low Technology. a pencil is a technology.
of understanding in handling of low technology creates severe problems with the administration of high technology.
1.- Who has it (a way of conversation) and who does not (what technology applies). Once technology is installed what do they do with it. Are they capable to understand that technology is not a language, it is not an art and it is not a solution (solution defined as the process of thought in order to solve a problem). In most cases it is a tool, but to have the tool not necessarily means you know how to use it and that you are capable to solve problems. 
2.- Poetry in motion My only concern on the appreciation in art is about its perception of poetry regardless of which technology was used. The motion of poetry regardless of the profession using it. Two basic theoretical elements, reading and writing before it becomes semiotics or metalanguages The criteria to use technology in the third world has to do with the following rational: Understanding low tech, efficiency, cheaper, document, global community, message, and humanware. 
Art & Internet & People 
Art can not live separated from our everyday way of life. Our thought is influenced by the lack of coherence between our planned reality and our "actual" reality. Our plans vary because of the interference of other people, other plans, timing or because of our own misunderstanding (or partial understanding) of a particular message to "deliver" a particular action. Almost every time personal failure is directly proportional to lack of communication, essentially the lack of tools for decoding (understanding/reading) a situation. Our thought is always a miscalculation about the hypothetical behavior of others. We are part of a collective and, the collective is not a computer and in many ways is not logical. The disarrangement of our "order" (in our immediate reality) ca
n be interpreted as a plot. That particular interpretation or pseudo-explanation of the cause and the effect of somebody№s success or failure creates only a mental balance. It is an explanation (may not be correct or accurate), it is a system of making things in a way pseudo-coherent, it even gives us an enemy (we have to realize the identity of our warrior culture) or a "solid" of an abstract thought. This process definitely gives us the choice of a position (position to be defended intelligently, even if it was not achieved in an intelligent or logic manner). Such common attitude only supplies the individual with the wrong premises, in most cases it is a supply of fuel for the wrong solutions. We can observe a game of correct solutions for the wrong problem, correct problems for the wrong solutions. "Economy" is not a solid, "the people" is not a one thing. True premises above all are the beginning of the solution of a problem and over all the correct exploration of a new frontier. 
"Internet is a bridge very thin, like a blade, for the naive, very wide for the ways of the ideas".
Omar Gasca, Open Bridge, 1995-1999 

Internet vs. information
Let us redefine information and content as two different things. Information has very little semantic value. Content could be defined as the redistribution or filtering of information into a coherent message. The poor redistribution of information creates an "apparent" message. The concept of quality becomes essential to the basic definition of communication. If 50% of the "content" in Internet is pornography, how can we apply the word content and pornography in the same sentence. Is the "great public" ready for the ways of the ideas? Ready for the proper reinterpretation of new terms. Tiring mission, since nobody was interested in the first round. The truth is that there is an absolute indifference to the ways of the ideas. The crucifixion was not an administrative mistake. Art is not about competing or fighting mass media, education is not fighting mass media. In actuality mass media has become education. Montessory, Froebel, Piaget, Champagnat and Fore are finally obsolete. 

Corruption = Mexico 
I live in the most corrupt country in the world, Internet does not have an impact in the fixing of the problem. No amount of technology will fix it. As a matter of fact technology makes the problem exponential. Corruption is a term used in files to determine that something is unreadable. There are factors within factors that determine corruption as a way of life. When you lack the jurisprudence to uphold a common law (law based in common sense) within a society corruption becomes freedom and democracy. In a macro economy, very much in the way Mexico relates to the US. If the US spends a lot of his budget keeping half of the World in poverty, the black economies, drug economies are the only life saver of the micro economies. 

Robert Mapplethorpe versus Newt Gingrich 
Who loses in the struggle to understand art? Who loses with the excess of power and no knowledge? Newt Gingrich is the epitome of the politician of the future, ready to fight against art. He has no regard for any value. The "administrator" is unable to comprehend a simple exhibit of photography by Mapplethorpe. The administrator is willing to kill anything that he does not understand. Under his same way of reasoning to disappear "The National Endowment for the Arts", Gingrich could close NASA because they only "admit" astronauts. 

"I can not censor something I can not understand"
S.S. Pope John XXIII
A pending: Revolution Internet, once in the rural areas installed in every school in the third world will serve as the perfect source for a violent revolution. Lucio Cabaсas and Marcos (BTW have not started any  dissertations on fixing anything through e-mail are the natural product of the conceptual failure of public education. It is the most violent act to try to sell a VW to the chief of a tribe in the Amazon. Global Economy The only model of actual "global tribe" is the model of the macro-economy. The effects are the behavior of the stock market and the "free trade agreements"; the actual results: the global tribe does not exist. The fate of many is put in the hands of very few, it is a practical application that the statement of Macluhan "the medium is the massage" was actually a warning. Mexicoґs yearly devaluation (October) depends on an international savings fund trust that is moved from country to country in search of higher interest rates. The other third of the economy depends on the international price of the oil. 

Medium and message 
Today is clear that Macluhan was drastically misunderstood, not to mention the even further confusion created by Negroponte №s statement about "the message is the medium" (or his analog to digital economy). In reality the majority of the world is playing another game (the concept of "future" is drastically different in every case). Macro economy equals macro problem. Making the macro numbers, the picture of the world is very simple, 1/5 of the world lives in India and 2/5 in China (being conservative). In India a road is the width of a truck, there is no space for two cars to go through in opposite directions at the same time (in order to actually avoid crashing, both of them have to leave the road partially). 

The imaginary country 
The overall picture of a poor country has little to do with "poverty". Wealth is a matter of concept (and creating its context). In order to change it its patterns need to be reset. If we could agree to make that a pattern of wealth could be software, instead of gold. 99% of the software comes from India. If the Indian government had had any vision of the potential of the wealth they had. They could have used the system in their advantage and today they could be the owners of "everything" in the information world. Bill Gates could be a mere cartoon. The same creative vision has to be applied in the project of the future. In today №s picture of the world drawn by the administrator and the engineer, the artist is the "content provider". That big mass of computers and connectivity require "content" and not information to be a "business". 

Premises, Premises, Premises 
Understanding our world, ourselves is part of understanding the new technologies and the new writings

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