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Focus of this panel is the problem of appropriation into the artistic culture new technological devices, and dependence of the artist on pragmatic, market-oriented logic of information and communication technology development. Evolution and formation of a media artistís status and method today: a researcher, critic, activist, manipulator, programmer. Contemporary innovation technologies and their use by artists: advancement, potential, practice, usage, advantages and shortcomings. Two forms of data existence - two space, visual and acoustical (VRML and Radio, micro and web); art content creative, representative and distributive technologies that become more and more popular.

A presentation of the VRML-ART 2000 exhibition, and the pros and cons of this media

Moderators - Kathy Rae Huffman and Martin Schmitz


Our current seeing of the VRML role.
Why didn't we manage to realize many initial VRML ideas?
What for did we make the 'Mausoleum' and 'Kill Pushkin'? History of these projects.
What do we desire to realize?
Why do we trust in VRML-art? Why do we trust in the VRML at all?

Presentation VRML and 3D art projects
Michael Kononenko, Moscow;
Kostia Mitenev, St.Petersburg;
Andy Best, Finland;
Leo Stepanov, Moscow;
Vadim Koshkin, Moscow.


By Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits, E-LAB, Riga

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