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RSHU - House of Russian Government

Art and Culture

Art Beyond Definitions?
Problem of the new technology art research. Functional aspects of the role of art activity exploring new technology opportunities, and using them to beat artistic goals. Quality value problem, and evaluation criteria in regards to contemporary media-art. It’s place in art history, in correlation with idea, method and technique evolution.

Janos Sugar, Hungary - “ Solidarity with the context ”
Eric Kluitenberg, Netherlands - “Smash the Surface / Break Open the Box / Disrupt the Code ”
Josephine Bosma, Netherlands - " Beyond Web Art "
Alexey Isaev, Moscow - «Conception of Communincativity »
Joseph Nechvatal, USA-France - "Immerse Ideals / Critical Distances”
Katherine Liberovskaya, Canada - "Multimedia of the machine age: A genealogy of multimedia through avant garde movements in Western Art"
Tatiana Gorucheva, Moscow - “Project of ContentNavigator: New axiological coordinates for new technology art”
Anatoly Prokhorov, Moscow - “Sociocultural reality: Extension to net emptiness”
Olga Goryunova, Moscow - “Digital aesthetics".

Contemporary Artist and New Media. Outlook from Russia - Presentation and Discussion

Moderator - Konstantin Bokhorov
The following artists that used to work within the media context are invited to take part in the discussion: Oleg Kulik, Anatoly Osmolovsky, Vladimir Salnikov, Oleg Mavromati and others.

Alternative art servers on media culture and art projects
priority directions
development strategy
data-trash problem on art-servers (content providers, theorists, artists, critics, journalists, Net activists)
representation method of media culture and art on the Net
methods of web community forming: from sharing ideas to joint projects
multi-rational activity in contemporary culture (art-servers, electronic editions, creative groups)
media-cultural archive formation.

Inke Arns - micro.lounge, Germany;
Alexei Isaev -, Moscow;
Vadim Gouschin -, Moscow;
Gilles Morel, Tatiana Mogilevskaya - The wind from the East, France-Russia;
Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits - Re-Lab, Latvia;
Marat Guelman -, Moscow;
Alexandre Sokolov, Alexandre Panov (Fyedor Romer) - RUSION, Austria-Russia;
Nikolai Selivanov - ‘’, Moscow;
Nikolai Kononikhin - Inertnet-Museum of contemporary art in St.Petersburg;
Vyacheslav Mizin, Konstantin Skotnikov, Dmitry Boulnyguin -, Novosibirsk.

Art projects on the Net
Moderator - Alexei Shulgin

Foreign participants:
JODI, Belgium-Holland;
Frederic Madre, France;
Mindaugas Gapsevicuis, Lithuania;
Andy Best, Finland;
Igor Stromajer, Slovenia;

Russian participants:
Alexei Shulgin, Moscow;
Olia Lialina, Moscow;
Alexei Isaev, Moscow;
Andrei Velikanov, Moscow;
Kostia MiTenev, St.Petersburg;
Sergei Teterin, Perm

Curator - Tatiana Gorucheva
Gender Media Art - AXIS
Chameleons Group - Chameleons 2
Vadim Koshkin - Apocalypses

Presentation of projects submitted to net art festival “MachineMachy”

Net.Art Exhibition

Guelman Gallery
Curators: Marat Guelman, Olga Shishko

Artists and projects:
Mindaugas Gapsevicius, Lithuania - Boring site;
JODI - Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans, Belgium-Holland - Untitled Games;
INTIMA - Igor Stromayer, Slovenia - ZVRST.3;
Alexei Isaev - Trash-art;
Namniyas Ashuratova - System of an Enemy Processing;
Gohr Chakhal - Love.

Exhibition of media installation in TV Gallery
Curators - Tatiana Gorucheva, Julia Kolerova

Luchezar Boyadjiev (Bulgaria)

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