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Eric Kluitenberg
Writer, theorist and organizer on culture and technology. He lives in Amsterdam and currently works for De Balie, Center for Culture and Politics in Amsterdam. He was one of the core-editors of the third Next 5 Minutes conference on Tactical Media, March 1999 in Amsterdam.
He teaches media-theory since 1993 for different art and design collegues in Europe, and worked as a researcher at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Among the many events he helped to organize about culture and new media are the Interstanding conferences on the culture of interactivity in Tallinn, Estonia, held there since 1995.
Within the conference he is a co-curator of the section "The Art of Campaigning".

Smash the Surface / Break Open the Box / Disrupt the Code
In the age of NASDAQ mania, technology and new media have become the principal sites of manifestation for the next transformation of the negative dialectics of avantgarde art. This tradition is by no means dead, it is simply transferred to a new domain. After the conversion of the (al-ready-made) profane into the realm of aesthetics, after the disentanglement of the spectacle, and after the dissimulation era, now the negation of the positive sign has entered into the realm of pure simulation, the digital hypersphere. 
The tools are familiar, satire, reversal, appropriation, displacement. Nothing new here, except that the interesting moment no longer is the disruption of the aesthetic framework, or even the negation of the concept of the author, the artist, or the artistic practice itself. Instead, the negative dialectics of the digital avantgarde no longer challenge the notions of art, but those of the by nature symbolical digital realm it operates in. 
The principal challenge of the network society is the complete fusion of media, digital technology, economics and politics. The logic of the digital network now informs all dominant aspects of society. This fact on the one hand marks the end of the virtual, a sphere that has become completely intertwined with the *real* world. At the same time, however, every significant social interaction can only become meaningful by virtue of how it is mapped in the digital domain. 
Avantgarde practice no longer needs to concern itself with aesthetics and art, those notions have already been thoroughly deconstructed, or otherwise have become irrelevant beyond repair. The avantgardists can now concentrate on the new sphere of digital mediation. Their practices break the clean surface of digital media and disrupt the flow of networked interaction. The subversion of real virtuality breaks the illusion of so-called globalisation, which excludes 90% of the world population. By breaking open the semi-transparent box of consumer technology, the avantgarde breaks the spell of over-mystified technologies. 
The stocks are already falling, but the negative dialectic of the digital age will only come to completion, after the bubble of the new economy has finally and irreversibly burst.

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