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RSHU - House of Russian Government


The Zone of Conflict. Internet
Technological progress and cultural regress? (RSHU)
Data is a virtual commodity with a real value. Access to data, its means of production and processing determine the extend of joining general cultural production. Appearance of virtual models of relations in contemporary society is inevitably followed by transformation of the real world, both its image in general and it social, political and economic framework. What contradictions appear within this process? In what way are interests of those involved in this process formed and satisfied? What are the most effective methods of vital problem decision by means of media technologies? Is contemporary media-art able to productively perform its critical function, or is it good for nothing but speculating on fashionable radical ideas and conceptions?

Ivan Zassoursky, Moscow - "The Internet and mass media: possibilities and circumstances"
Inke Arns, Germany - "Minor Media Toolkit: An Appraisal of Horizontal Communication"
Dmitry Bulatov, Moscow - "Typological and genealogical aspects of the INC., International Network Culture"
Vadim Guschin, Moscow - "The aims of art in creation of a new perception model, and the data roles in religion"
Juan Jose Diaz Infante, Mexico- “Internet is not a new solution to old problems”
Normunds Kozlovs, Latvia - "Emerging New Media culture in Latvia: prospects for democratization of society"

Art of Campaign and New Communication Tools
Moderators: Eric Kluitenberg and Ivan Zassursky

Electronic mass media and media-culture
Curator - Russian Internet Academy
Moderator - Maxim Kononenko

Marat Guelman , Moscow - How did the Internet transform the cultural machine.
Anton Nosic, Moscow - Opposition of traditional and net mass media.
Alexei Andreev - Virtualization and de-virtualization on the Net.
Eugeny Gorny, Moscow - A person as consciousness and a machine.
Mikhail Verbitsky, Moscow - Free of graphics Internet makes a Revolution.
LINXY [D.N.Belinsky], Moscow - Alternative media culture.
Anatoly Prokhorov, Moscow - “Network of reciprocal arbitral relationships and deliberate democracy”.

The State. Information. The Internet
(Round table discussion)
Curator - Ivan Zassursky
Moderators - Andrei Korotkov, Ivan Zassursky
Coordinator (on behalf on the Government) - Andrei Koshkin

Participants of the discussion:
M.Reinman, Minister of communication and informatisation
A.Pochinok, Minister of taxes
M.Seslavincky, First Vice-Minister of press, broadcasting and communication media Federal Security Service
F.Shoubin, Chairman of the Duma committee for the Internet legislation Legal department of the ‘Grandpark’ company
E.Vartanova, expert of the Council of Europe
H.Makarov, editor of the ‘’
F.Levenchouk, ‘Libertarium’ and ‘Communivair’ projects
F.Kravchenko, expert on the mass media legislation
A.Voronov, owner of the ‘Glasnet’ company

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