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RSHU - House of Russian Government

Anton Nosic
Education - Medical
He works in a field of journalism since 1990.
He was a founder of several Russian newspapers in Russia, Israel, Cyprus and In the Internet. He is the author of the projects,,

First attempts of materials on the Internet made by ‘traditional’ Russian mass media date back to end of 1994 - beginning of 1995 (‘The Izvestiya’ daily). Just as the first Internet new service (NSN) which didn’t have an offline analogue appeared. Nevertheless it became the first swallow which couldn’t make a summer on its own. We can talk of forming an independent branch of online Russian mass media beginning from August 1998 up to April-May 1999. It was by that period when the forces of the Internet-media market were arranged. Leading positions completely belong to online mass media (RBK, Gazeta, Lenta) however Internet versions of the most popular traditional editions, radio and TV channels are routinely satisfied with their outside position in spite of their popularity all over Russian and numerous offline audience.
What are the reasons of such a ‘historical injustice’? Will mass media learn any lessons from its own failure? Whether there’s hope that in time the tendency will be broken, and the online audience will rearrange its positions in favor of traditional ‘whales’? An attempt to find answers to these questions brings us nearer to comprehension of actual data consumption peculiarities on the Russian Internet.

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