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11-14 may | an open interactive video broadcasting will be organized on the site. Everybody is welcome!
RSHU - House of Russian Government
( organizers )

Organizer: MediaArtLab


Russian State Humanitarian University,  Administration Museum of the Cinema, Institute of Media

The project is accomplished with the support of Soros Open Society Institute (“Culture Program” and “Culture Link”), Dutch Embassy, Russian Internet Academy, ApexChange, Goethe Institute, Foundation Marsel Hicter, RHSU,Open Systems Publishing House, Parallel Graphics Co.

under the aegis of Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Cultural and Information Department of  the Russian Government

Technical Sponsor: 
Sony Co., 

Internet video broadcasting by the Root Vision, RusBusinessConsulting

Information Sponsor:
'Russian Journal'

'Powerful Computer Technologies'

Information support:
 ITAR TASS news service; the Itogui, Cinema Art, Art Magazine; Foreigner, PC WEEK/RE, Computerra dailies; Culture TV channel; Open Radio;,,, servers.

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Editor - Olga Goryunova, Web-Master - Igor Gerasimenko 
Author of the project - Alexei Isaev, curator - Olga Shishko, coordinator - Tatiana Gorucheva
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