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11-14 may | an open interactive video broadcasting will be organized on the site. Everybody is welcome!
RSHU - House of Russian Government
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Pro&Contra MachineMachy
May 11-14, 2000

inter-disciplinary  international project


new technology theorists and activists from Russia, Eastern and Western Europe, USA, Canada, Japan.

The principal practical goal of the project is to integrate through the Internet Russian scientific, theoretical, artistic and institutional experience into European community.
The task is to promote professional open discussion on problems of use of media technologies in contemporary culture as well as to examine various innovative strategies and experiments within this sphere.

The Subject (Summary)

Total technologization has embraced all life spheres of contemporary society.
The very logic of technological development directed to progress and innovation might seem to be pursuing and positively affecting culture and art that more and more often address technology services.
New technology bears a positive aspect of what we would call the progress. This notion embraces political, economic, social and cultural factors. On the other hand, we could witness that new technology development provokes the situation of devaluation. In this respect, technology becomes repressive towards traditional cultural, social, economic and political values. As a result, an active transformation of traditional culture into new representative forms occurs, evoking both well founded and not grounded criticism.
Thus, a dual evaluation of this problem contains both pro and contra opinions.
Theorists and activists expressing different opinions (positive and negative, pro@contra) on the problem will take part in discussions.

Art and Culture
Art Beyond Definition?
Problem of the new technology art research. Functional aspects of the role of art activity exploring new technology opportunities, and using them to beat artistic goals.
Quality value problem, and evaluation criteria in regards to contemporary media-art. It's place in art history, in correlation with idea, method and technique evolution.

Art and Technology
Technological Progress and Technical Regress?
Progress and regress in the field of art. Problem of appropriating new technological devices in art culture. Actual methods and forms of putting aims and their realization by artists using media (individual method and machine logic). Status of media-artist and his (her) methods: researcher, critic, activist, manipulator, or programmer.

Art and Institutions
New Tactics and Strategies?
Initiatives and local communities. Estimation criteria of media-art. Museums: pro and contra. Essential aspect of communicative functions of media-art.

Work group


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Editor - Olga Goryunova, Web-Master - Igor Gerasimenko 
Author of the project - Alexei Isaev, curator - Olga Shishko, coordinator - Tatiana Gorucheva
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