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RSHU - House of Russian Government

Mikhail Verbitsky
(1969, Moscow)
Education: Harvard (Ph.D. mathematics)
He is the author of 20 scientific articles and one book, and also - of poems and sketches. He participated in End of the World News and Lenin.

We live in situation of the post-industrial.
Imperious relations have transferred from economic surface onto information.
The power belongs not to those that control the things but to those that control data constructs.
The divorce between the product and the data construct takes place.
Example: contemporary financial system is an endless blowing up a soap bubble: shares go up because thereíre people that want to buy them, thus followed by demand raise and further price growth. Goods do not support value of shares, it is ensured by growth perspective.
Free of graphics, all Net sites will look the same. This will indicate death for asymmetric communications. Asymmetric communication is the principal power mechanism of the post-industrial.
Free of graphics Internet makes a Revolution. In case of equal access to the audience, the opinion of Mr.Something means as much as the opinion of a venerable politologist or a respected gallerist.
Internet graphics started a counter-revolution as it restored inequality uses banner ads and employs professional designers.
Mass media complete the destruction of equality illusion that seemed to be given by the Net in early days. It doesnít occur to people going to the Net that their opinion might be influential - they donít go to guest books. Theyíre not interested in the second opinions. It has never occurred to them that Ďan expertí is as human as they are though heís a great pretender.
In Vesti, Lenta and sites guest books were withdrawn at all thus signifying turning the web into an interactive TV and revolutionary situation into the counter-revolutionary one.
Thereís only one hope - the intervention on the state, which should beware of mediacracy as much as revolutionaries do.
The revolution might survive due to comprehensive free access to the Net, HTML study and compulsory creation of web pages (for students and civil servant, at least).
When online mass media enhances they will form a stereotype of passive data consumption on the Internet.

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