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11-14 may | an open interactive video broadcasting will be organized on the site. Everybody is welcome!
RSHU - House of Russian Government

Electronic Mass Media and Media Culture
Round table
Moderator - Maxim Kononenko

The main topic: Whether the Internet as a medium levels up the culture, or makes it down (from translation to communication)? An attempt to find out in an open discussion: In what way do the main Internet characteristics effect the cultural situation in this medium? Does the cultural situation in the Net differ from the one in real life? What makes the cultural level higher, and what makes it lower? Paradoxes of the virtual world.
Absence of basic censorship for mass media creation - tough competition. Unlimited edition quantity - difficulty to be unique. 
Absence of responsibility in regards to the public - high responsibility.
Anonymity - virtualization - de-virtualization of persons and images. 
An easily available scandal popularity - complexity of existence in an impetuously changing world.

Marat Guelman - How did the Internet transform the cultural machine.
Anton Nosik - Opposition of traditional and net mass media.
Alexei Andreev - Virtualization and de-virtualization on the Net.
Eugueni Gorny - A person as a consciousness and a machine.
Mikhail Verbitsky - Internet without graphics = Revolution

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