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RSHU - House of Russian Government

Contemporary Artist and New Media. Outlook from Russia - Presentation and Discussion
Moderator - Konstantin Bokhorov

The subject of this discourse shall be relationship between a contemporary artist and new media of the 90s, in Russia. However, this relationship must be observed not in technological formal aspect but in a substantial and critical way.
The relationship between artist and media has always been grounded on a contradictory bent.
Contemporary media is of a dual nature. On the one hand, media facilitates data access and makes it more democratic, thus showing itself as an ideal device for articulation and distribution of artistic ideas. On the other hand, media is a system for data manipulation, for spreading stereotypes and commonplaces in public consciousness.
Contemporary art is considered an elite mode of activity modeling innovative approach to social problem decision. It critically observes rituals of mass consumption of culture.
A contemporary artist has often to solve the following problem: which position is to be taken in regards to media. To take media as it is today? To use media as means of representation? To ignore its presence? To criticize? Or try to interfere and change the grounds and principals of media functioning?
New media and bourgeois system of data distribution have always been an attractive field for actual art forces application (Andy Warhol, Barbara Kruger, Hans Haake). Examples of simulation practice, media imitation, parody, direct conflict with media in order to gain representation and distribution of various artistic ideas can easily be found in a reader.
For Russian artists of the 90s, various modes of relationship and work with media became an important device of actual art. Media potential gave way to energetically expose and declare criticism towards ugly reality of the transfer period in Russia. Many actions by Russian artists, especially representatives of the radical direction, of the 90s, must be observed and valued within the media context for the sake of which those actions were planned and realized.
Contemporary art activity with traditional media has also another vital aspect. Principals and methods of work with new media actualized by wide application of Internet technologies were worked out in radical art practice as if in a laboratory. And the present discussion should try to analyze various aspects of this problem.
The following artists that used to work within the media context are invited to take part in the discussion: Oleg Kulik, Anatoly Osmolovsky, Vladimir Salnikov, Oleg Mavromati and others.

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