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Janos Sugar 
Artist, Professor of media theory in the Intermedia Department of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts.
Between 1980 and 1986 he was actively involved in the exhibitions and performances of Indigo, an underground interdisciplinary art group led by Mikl
уs Erdaly. Sugar has participated in national and international exhibitions since 1984 and has also created numerous performances, films, and videos. Between 1990 and 1995 he was a board member of the Balazs Bala Film Studio in Budapest. Since 1990, Sugar has been teaching art and lecturing media theory in the Intermedia Department of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. In 1992 he exhibited at the documenta IX, Kassel. He completed an Artslink residency at the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1994, and in 1997/98 a four-month, and in 1999 a three-month fellowship at Experimental Intermedia in New York. His films were screened in 1998 at the Anthology Film Archives in New York.

transcriptions from accidentally recorded table conversations
between J
anos Sugar and Johan Sjerpstra
J. Sugar -'s not bad, take the model of the diligent capitalist small tiger, proven in southeast Asia - and we are all the sudden facing a new state system: the capitalist dictatorship. The masses aren't too concerned about the cellars of the secret police, because life conditions are pleasant: nature, sea, sun, relaxation. As soon as life conditions somewhere become too pleasant (or too unpleasant?) a dictator can discipline sleepy citizens having a siesta (or shivering citizens sitting in an ice-cabin and licking frozen seal fat) with only a police baton. Now that the global warming is coming, the whole Euramerica will have a siesta at noon, bringing not the age of global information or communication society but the first age of air-conditioner. If the executive offices at IBM, Coca-Cola etc. get warmer the famous efficiency will end, everything will become sluttish. It will be the age of half-asleep, dozing policeman, flies buzzing around the servers. And then the Vikings will appear to take of the command of the sleepy world. 
J. Sjerpstra - Are you familiar with the notion of morphogenesis? Rupert Sheldrake, outstanding English scholar and plant physiologist, in his book published in June 1981, outlined a fundamentally new vision of the world, according to which the universe is not directed by physical laws, but by the self-governing system. The morphogenetic spaces of past systems manifest themselves, within similar structures of the future, via 'morphic resonance', while they do not  become significantly weaker even in case the old and the new systems are isolated in space and time. 
J. Sugar - This means that knowledge is levelled up if all past systems of a given type have influence on the present, similar systems. Misinterpretations, gathering around facts as centers of inspiration, create connection between facts. Thus, any system may be conceived as a distorted, hypnotic message from a system preceding everything. If it is conceivable that there existed the  single one, of which all contemporaneous systems are only morphogenetic descendants, then the present situation would be the unrecognizably distorted symbol of a certain meaning. Let us try to recognize in everything that element whose morphic resonance the world could possibly be! 
Johan Sjerpstra is a Dutch sociologist (as far as we know)

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