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11-14 may | an open interactive video broadcasting will be organized on the site. Everybody is welcome!
RSHU - House of Russian Government

Frederic Madre
Net artist, one of the winners of Trash Art Festival.

m.s.t. means "moi sans toi" (me without you) and also "maladie sexuellement transmissible" (venereal disease). It is an appropriation of the rhetoric of pornography on the internet to present the atrocious carcass of a failing love affair. When the flesh is discarded the organs are revealed, some of them functioning, others barely retaining the shape of what is no more. The visitor of this ruin can either look and go away or decide to dig in the remains and, perhaps, salvage putrefied souvenirs or me without you

search collision
Recycling search pages as dynamic wallpaper. Layout the business of search on a dissection table and see it twitch like a strange bug. It's always fresh but still it looks dead. You have time to wonder why and what you are really looking for. Like fish at the market stall, you can tell the best one by the glue around its eye socket. This was commissioned for the Rhizome web site; it only works with Netscape browsers. (when in doubt, hit the escape key)

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