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11-14 may | an open interactive video broadcasting will be organized on the site. Everybody is welcome!
RSHU - House of Russian Government

Milos Vojtechovsky
born in Prague 1955
studies: Art history and philosophy, Charles University Prague.
working in different professions-curator, musician, nightwatcher, involved
in unofficial visual art, samizdat publishing and experimental music scene in Czechoslovakia. 
Since 1985 based in Amsterdam, cooperation with different art organization and establishing cooperation with Imaginary Museum Projects, International Institute for Social Studies, 1990 /1995 work on multimedia installation Orbis Pictus Revised commisioned by ZKM Karlsruhe.
In 1991 initiation and maintaining of The Hermit Foundation and The Center for Metamedia Plasy. 1996/1999 curator of The Modern and Contemporary Art Departement of The National Gallery in Prague, since 1997 lecturer of mediatheory and history of media at Faculty of Fine Ars Technical University Brno. Since 2000 supervisor and curator of Medialab at CFCA Prague. 

Presentation of of underground video from the local archives and some fresh investigative documentary works of the Czech TV. 
Juxtaposition between known and unknown, between "cover" and "undercover" layers and strategies of the east European mediascape.

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