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11-14 may | an open interactive video broadcasting will be organized on the site. Everybody is welcome!
RSHU - House of Russian Government

Media art. New educational models: presentation and discussion
Curator - Raivo Kelomees

New models and old structures. Old skills and new mediums. Possibilities of coexistence in traditional skills, digital media and communication. Free self-expression and media commerce. Independent artist and engaged creator. Destiny of closed society models in open societies. Art education in the era of technological revolution. Pre-reform art education: integration of low-tech media art into traditional specialities of art education. Distant learning through Internet or direct contact with teacher. Skills, need for expression and technology. Identities of the artists, honor of guild and new media. 

Works for presentation: 
Raul Keller “Propaganda”; 
Raivo Kelomees “”, 
Kristel Sibul “Cookery-Book”, 
“Triplex” by Ivika Kivi, Tuuli Lepik, Kristel Sibul. 

Net.projects: Tiia Johannson: - Get Real, 1999 - Baby Meeting Paintings, 1999
Marko Maetamm “The Chemistry of Being” 
Laur Tiidemann “Perfect Forms in Motion”

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